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Street Photography

is an art

it’s about finding extraordinary

in an ordinary place


I'm a German street photographer based in Heilbronn, Germany.


In 2018 I discovered STREET PHOTOGRAPHY for me, a new world where I can best express myself. My photography is candid, mostly spontaneous, always seeking for the right balance  between the story, light, composition and framing. It makes me happy, when all these things come together.

I'm touched  to see young people in bright colored clothes posing for a photo. 

I'm touched to see an old woman in a newspaper kiosk, her face without hope.

I'm touched to see a street in a sea of light, a woman on a bicycle passing through.

I'm touched to see a couple talking and the sun creates a magic aura around them.



2020, December. Bronze medal series, category "Street Night". Paris Street Photo Awards. Series "Bus Stops" → have a look Honorable Mention. Paris Street Photo Awards. Two single photos (Classic Street). have a look pic1 → have a look pic2

2020, May. Honorable mention, category street photography. IPA One Shot "Movement" contest. Two single photographs → have a look to "Become a friend" "Tram passing"

2020, April. Amateur nominee, category street photography. Fine Art Photography Awards. Series "Forgotten People" and four single photographs → have a look

2019, December. Honorable Mention. Paris Street Photo Awards. Single Photo (Black & White) → have a look


2020, November 13 - on going, D Emptyspace Gallery, my project "Small Glimmer of Hope" → have a look

2020, November 13 - on going, D Emptyspace Gallery → have a look

2020, October 1st - on going, International Center of Photography (ICP), New York → have a look

2019, October 25 to November 03 Venice Photo Lab, Venice → have a look


2020 January, EYE PHOTO MAGAZINE, Featured Photos → have a look